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If you believe that paranormal events deserve to be explored and shared, then the Audio Stories of the Paranormal is the show for you. New episodes are released weekly (on Sundays). Some stories are true. Some are fiction. You decide which is which. Join us. You will enjoy it. Ok! Let's learn something



The intro took forever to get to the actual story. I really liked your audio quality, your voice. The setup of the theme seems to take forever to get through. You then go into quite a whole section of begging for subscribers (I would do this mid-show, or after you have given them something to share. At this point as a new listener, why would I share your show? Then you pause for a break. The music stops abruptly, and then you come back. What was the point of that? Then you partially repeat the stuff you just said before FINALLY getting to a ghost story.

I like the audio, the artwork, but I would ask for subscribers later in the show and get to the story. If there isn't an advertisement, don't stop for a break (that was just weird). This show is well produced and with a little straightening up, could go places. Your website could use some work (8 million buttons, you might work in a menu system)

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