Author: podcastcoach The Sunday School Show

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description The Sunday School Show – on Philadelphia Praise 107.9 – explores the intersection of education and the world around us Website Opinion Your show's name is confusing. Is it a religious show or a legal show. You're attempting to come across as an expert, but you're using a free media host, and you don't have a website. This is not a good first impression. If you go to a few people and say, “I'm doing a show called “Sunday School Show” what do you think it's about? I don't think they will “legal cases.”...

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Afro Pop Remix

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description This podcast looks back at the pop culture of Generation X, from an African-American perspective. (Years covered: 1960-2000) Website: Opinion: The intro music was too loud, and you need to boost the treble on the voice over as you can't hear what she is saying. The audio quality was fine, but if your co-host is on the phone, that's gonna be a deal breaker. Most people will tolerate a guest, but not a co-host. There are so many tools like for skype You are reading, which is fine, but you sounded like you were...

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OK Podcast: The Radiohead Podcast

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description A podcast by Sean Perrin about Radiohead. Opinion I listened to five minutes of this podcast, and you and the guest did not mention Radiohead. I really expected you to just geek out on Radiohead. I didn't really care about the guest. You did a good job of explaining who he is, but I wanted to hear someone pick apart some Radiohead music, and instead, we were picking about his background, and I don't need his college career to talk about the distortion on creep. Get A Full Review If you’d like a full review of...

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The Train Wreck Network

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description The Train Wreck Network is home to The Consumerist Podcast and 1 Hour 2 review, where we discuss pop culture, movies, music, games and more. Please check out our content Website Opinion Horrendous audio quality. You did a good job of introducing people quickly, but the main host's audio quality is really bad Get A Full Review If you’d like a full review of your podcast, check out Podcast Review Show or if you need Podcast Consulting, Book an Appointment Today Be On The Show Sign up at Fiverr. com Get a full review on the Podcast Review...

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Ghost Runners

Comments 888-563-3228 Description Stories, myths & Legends from America’s pastime. Website n/a Opinion For a first episode, you sound great. You do have a pretty bad plosive problem (Popping P's and B's) and I thought the opening monologue started off great and got me thinking, but then dragged on the point that I thought you were skipping any kind of intro, then when you did the intro, it seemed unnecessary. You don't have a website and you need one to tell people to go to so they can subscribe to your show. Speaking of subscribers you need to work the...

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