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The Corner Cutter Podcast

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description An informative weekly speedcubing podcast that provides interesting guest interviews with expert cubers, competition organizers, and even WCA delegates. Current cubing news, tips on improving, and updates on personal progress and achievements are frequent topics as well. Visit the podcast website for links and show notes: And send feedback and/or questions which Josh will answer on the show to: Thanks for listening! Website Opinion The musical intro could be shortened up a bit, and you got to your guest fairly frequently. There was a bit of a “let's get to the guest, no...

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Sleep Whispers

Comments?: 888-563-3228 Description Whispered ramblings and readings for relaxation and sleeping. Includes uplifting quotes, helpful tips for sleep optimization, guidance for sleep preparation, and a dedicated rambling or reading for sleep induction. Website Opinion I closed my eyes when I listened to this as the idea is the show is supposed to put me to sleep. I was looking for you to get to the rambling part quickly (which you did). For me the whispering caused me to focus more to understand you, and the fact that the voice drifted from left to right headphone I found distracting. I...

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Fish Nerds Fishing Podcast

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description The Fishing Podcast for anyone who wants to fish better, laugh more and learn a little. We talk about Fish, Fishing and Eating Fish. With a focus on conservation and sustainability. The show is Usually Funny, Always Interesting and Mostly True! Website Opinion Clay had asked for a specific first impression. “Hey Dave, I am just curious of your first impression of this latest episode (drops on 4/4) My guest was recording using iphone earbuds/microphone from a loud bar… I think it came out good considering.. Plus I just like the exposure I get from...

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YWAM Podcast

Comments: 888-563-3228 Description The YWAM News Podcast will bring you the latest stories from Youth With A Mission about missions news, training and short term and long term opportunities from around the world. Website Opinion You did a great job of explaining what was on the show, and then getting right to the content. The production was good. I got a little confused with the first topic but the speaker did a good job of clarifying his point at the end, and you came and kept the ball rolling. The music was good, the audio quality was good,...

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Memes in the Morning

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description Replicating a visual medium through story telling and other fun stuff Website Opinion Granted this is your fourth episode, but the intro while well produced didn't really let me know what the show was about, or what to expect. It was over a minute long and then lead to illegal music and another intro. Get to the content quicker, and the big thing missing for me was what the show is about (welcome to Memes in the Morning where we _____) and then a quick blurb (On today's show we talk about ____). As your show...

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