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Able Business Radio

From their listing in iTunes: If you are looking for 1 percent improvements that add up to big results, this is the place for you. Every week, we learn about simple systems and tools that will help you build the business and life you’ve always wanted.  Are you buried in email? Zack will tell you how to dig your way out. Is technology holding you captive? Zack will help you evaluate your digital tools so they actually help you get stuff done.  Learn everything about time management, productivity, and getting things done (GTD). This weekly podcast teaches you tips,...

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Seeking Balance A Personal Journey

On her website it states, “By sharing my stories about taking control of my inner balance, I hope to inspire and entertain the listener (not intended as advise). ” You can find the show at I love that you get right to the point. You sounded like you were talking to me (until you started reading to me…). You can hear me asking questions, and you answered them every time. You have an audio problem called “A ground loop” (it creates a high pitch whine). It may be my podcaster ears, but once I heard it I could...

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CADORS Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System – Canada

The iTunes description reads, “Discussion of Civil Aviation Daily Occurrence Reporting System (CADORS) entries.” You can find it at The audio quality was fine. I thought the guest sounded like he was reading his responses. You have some great stories, and the show started off with the bland facts about the pavement type. I would give a tease about the stories coming up and the topics (you did announce the topics later). As a bonus tip, I would want to work the word “Pilot” or something that people may be searching for (Canadian Pilot?) as I'm not sure how...

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The Masquerade

According to their website, the show is, “A Podcast about starting a Podcast Network… with $85 and a Mask” We listened to an episode called the Call to Action. My Opinion The audio quality was good, and I loved the opening lines and explained the story I would be listening to. The name “I am Bumble” leads me to think of Bees or the monster on Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer. Neither of these thoughts leads me to lean toward integrity. If you don't want to you use your real name, go with something like “Doug, or “Steve” instead...

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Armed Lutheran Radio

Exploring the intersection of faith in Christ with our Second Amendment rights. Offering commentary, news, and reviews. Featuring weekly tips from trainers, master class shooters, and outdoorsmen (and women) plus interviews with Lutheran clergy and other pro-gun voices. Check them out at Opinion I loved the intro and the tone it set. The audio quality was good. I would shorten up some of the music transitions, and you have somewhat of a double introduction (law, gospel, and Guns, as well as Faith, Firearms, and Freedom). I thought the advertisement was very well done, but I wasn't sure if the NRA...

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