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The Fire-Rescue Show – discussing Fire safety, Fire trucks, and the Equipment they carry

Description An informative bi-weekly Firefighting podcast that provides interesting fire safety tips, guest interviews with Firefighters, EMS personal, and even Police officers! Check out my website: and if you have any questions, comments, or feedback please email me: Website The Fire-Rescue Show Opinion For me, the sirens and stuff at the beginning went on a bit longer than needed. I think we all know fire trucks have sirens, and you could bring in the “Welcome to the Fire Rescue Show” voice over earlier. Your biggest item that needs to be fixed are your plosives. You need a pop...

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The Randall Black Show

What Do You Think? Call in your comments and mention “The Randal Park Show” at 888-563-3228 Description Randall Black is an educator and technology specialist from West Virginia. His time in the classroom, as a social studies teacher and a technology trainer, and as an educational technology support team member has molded his views on education. He uses this podcast as a creative outlet for him to share his own views and ideas on topics of his interest as well as educational topics and successes among other members of his PLN (professional learning network) Website Opinion This show...

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The Juicy Radio Show

Description Weekly 1 Hour Radioshow hosted by Robbie Rivera and Friends! Website Opinion A great sounding intro (sounds like Music Radio Creative) and it gets right to the music. Robbie introduces the song and gets right to the music. Not much to improve. Maybe buy a domain so its not a subdomain, and use the names of your bands in the title to get better SEO Free Podcast Consulting Join me every Saturday t 10:30 AM EST at and get your podcast questions answered, or join ee at

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The Coffee Break Podcast

Description A weekly podcast hosted by Danielle & Jesse. They’ll play some games, discuss hot topics, discuss their recent sermon message they heard, and just have fun. Of course, all while having coffee! Website Opinion The theme song is HORRIBLE. It's confusing and way too long. I would tune out before the song was done. Its filled with inside jokes that NOBODY is going to get. Under normal circumstances, I would not make it through the intro. Then you get into the time change and you're tired. There is a somewhat entertaining story about not going to the...

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Why Do We Own That?

Description Married Millenials David and Cassie De Almo own 236 DVDs in a 400sq ft. studio apartment in Brooklyn. Many of them in shrinkwrap. Listen to their recaps as they force themselves to watch all 236 DVDs in their collection, regardless of quality, discuss why they own that, and if they will keep it or feed it to the sharks. Website Opinion This wasn't as bad as I thought. They are 35ish episodes in, and they were being a bit snarky in a Facebook group today and I decided to take a peak at their show. Pros: You...

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