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Red Wing’s Oil and Gas HSE Podcast

By Dave Jackson / May 30, 2018

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description The Oil and Gas HSE Podcast is the show for oilfield professionals who are committed to finding the best way to keep their people safe and on the job. Website Opinion The audio sounds great for being recorded in a restaurant, and you did a good job of explaining that right […]


The Podject – Reviewed

By Dave Jackson / October 27, 2017

From their iTunes Description: The only Podcast Pitching Show that combines story telling, business pitches and a dash of improve… And then lets YOU vote on which ideas become a 16 Episode Mini-Series on the Network every season! Should you listen and want to contribute your own design of a Podcast Cover or Intro Music […]



By Dave Jackson / September 25, 2017

From their Website (as their iTunes Description is Blank) Blackstone Pharmaceuticals is run by a sociopath who has developed a new drug capable of reviving the dead. Intent on destroying his competition he stages an elaborate “terror” plot at an upscale hotel to take down his rival. The hotel is under quarantine, and the guests […]


The Clicking of Cuthbert

By Dave Jackson / July 21, 2017

The description of this book in iTunes I think is longer than the actual book. It’s a book written in the 1920’s and I gave it a shot and was greeted with a pretty bad noise problem in the podcast. Based on their blogspot website referenced in their podcast, maybe a good microphone is not in […]