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Operation GritBox Podcast

By Dave Jackson / August 27, 2018

Comments: 888-563-3228 Description This is the Operation GritBox Podcast. Teaching TopFlight Performance. Website–Ryan-Lowery–Nutrition-Whiz-and-Football-Brain-Protector-e2171k/a-a4r8t6 Opinion I’m not sure what TopFlight Performance is. TopFlight sounds like a brand. I would expand on your description. Also when the show starts and you explain that the GritBox podcast is brought to me by Gritbox, I feel like I just […]

Share The Sunday School Show

By Dave Jackson / June 18, 2018

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description The Sunday School Show – on Philadelphia Praise 107.9 – explores the intersection of education and the world around us Website Opinion Your show’s name is confusing. Is it a religious show or a legal show. You’re attempting to come across as an expert, but you’re using a free media […]


Pick the Mind

By Dave Jackson / May 25, 2018

Comments? 888-563-32228 Description Welcome to PiCK THE MiND podcast! Where we dive into the minds of people behind theories, terrible events, crazy people, supernatural, or whatever suits your fancy! No rules with pick the mind Website Opinion I’m worried by your choice of using a free media host as they typically don’t last (see […]


The Randall Black Show

By Dave Jackson / March 19, 2018

What Do You Think? Call in your comments and mention “The Randal Park Show” at 888-563-3228 Description Randall Black is an educator and technology specialist from West Virginia. His time in the classroom, as a social studies teacher and a technology trainer, and as an educational technology support team member has molded his views on […]


3D Printing Podcast: 3D Print Tips | 3D Print Tools | 3D Start Point

By Dave Jackson / March 8, 2018

Description What the FFF is Fused Filament Fabrication 3D Printing? Design experts Tom & Tracy Hazzard from 3D Start Point explore all about the what of 3D Printing: what 3D design software, what 3D printers, what tools to use, what designs to print, what new materials they’ve tested for you and what your 3D Printing […]


Land Line Now

By Dave Jackson / December 18, 2017

Description: Land Line Now” is the first daily news and information program designed specifically for America’s truck drivers Website: Opinion: The audio quality is great. There is the “traditional” chit-chat about the weather and thankfully you then get right back to the topic. Then you asked a great question to get the conversation going […]


What Would The Smart Party Do?

By Dave Jackson / November 29, 2017

Gaz and Baz have spent decades talking about games, ever since University, which was far too long ago for their liking. All RPG problems were solved in whiskey-fueled late night sessions, with the disappointing realization they couldn’t remember any of it the following day being the only fly in the ointment. Now older, wiser and […]


EdTech Madges

By Dave Jackson / November 20, 2017

Description Technology for Education and Life Explained Website: Opinion The audio quality is ok. This is the very first episode of this show and they made all the mistakes of a new podcaster. No explanation of what the show is about up front Pointless chit-chat at the beginning (I don’t care that you didn’t get […]


Ask the Experts

By Dave Jackson / October 30, 2017

iTunes Description of Ask the Experts Podcast Ask The Experts with Iain Grant is an opportunity for you to talk directly to the movers and shakers. You will get inside information and knowledge that you can’t get anywhere else. It’s a great way for you to get free advice from everything from plumbing to legal. […]


Think on This – Learn Random Knowledge

By Dave Jackson / October 13, 2017

From their iTunes Description In this show, we’re all about learning. Every episode, we pick a topic that is of interest to us and break it down. Some episodes, it’s just us discussing/speculating. Others, we will have a guest that is an expert in their field join us and we’ll learn alongside our listeners! We […]

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