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One Two Review

By Dave Jackson / October 20, 2017

iTunes Description: Luke, Alex, and Brandon review movies, products and provide light discussion and an enjoyable atmosphere. Website: Episode: Opinion: This show starts off in the right direction explaining what the show is and where it’s going, but wait – IT’S HOT ON THE WEST COAST!!!! Luke explains that he needs to take his shirt off, […]


Fish Addictions Radio an Ice Fishing Podcast hosted by Scott Albrecht

By Dave Jackson / October 9, 2017

Description: The year-round, family-friendly ice fishing podcast! Website: Episode: As you didn’t specify one, I chose your latest episode Opinion:  Where do I begin? If you are doing this show for fun, then keep doing it. But the using the phone to podcast does not cut it anymore in podcasting. You might get away […]


Merc Club

By Dave Jackson / September 8, 2017

iTunes Description: In search of some HEAT, brotherrrr! The Merc & The Icon talk Pop Culture: Movies, Music, Art, etc. But our main focus is Life & People. We’ll have guests. We’ll have moments. We’ll have t-shirts? Scars Are Stories Website: Opinion The audio has some serious problem with volume. The hosts have a ton […]


Engaging Missions Show – Powerful Stories from Christian Missionaries, Church Planters, and Ministry Leaders

By Dave Jackson / August 30, 2017

From Their Website: God stories delivered right to your earbuds. This show is for people who want to be connected to what God’s doing in the Earth. Each week we hear from missionaries and church planters, sharing stories, insights, and resources from their lives and ministries. Listen to be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and resourced for […]


The Computer Tutor

By Dave Jackson / June 7, 2017

The Computer Tutor podcast is a weekly show that offers all kinds of cool things that help you use your computer more easily and effectively. You’ll say, “Wow, that’s cool – I never knew I could do that!” Show notes for each episode are at This is a first. I listen to this show […]


My Cesspool Podcast _review

By Dave Jackson / May 31, 2017

A general interest podcast with a wide variety of topics which include MMA, conspiracies, politics, news, world topics, pro wrestling, movies, music, and sports. Find them at I didn’t know what I was getting into, and didn’t like what I heard. I did like the intro with some snark, but from there it was […]


Real Estate Insiders Radio – Review

By Dave Jackson / May 19, 2017

A horrible sounding show. In a world with technology, the days of recording a podcast through a phone line are gone. Why they are using blog talk radio AND spreaker makes no sense here is their website. If you’d like a full review of your podcast check out Podcast Review Show or if you […]


Don’t Blink – a Doctor Who Podcast – Review

By Dave Jackson / May 17, 2017

Great into, some chit-chat, and about the time I was done with the chit-chat so were they. Wayne Henderson has great pipes. I’m not a doctor who fan, but this show seemed to be headed in the right direction. Their website is If you’d like a full review of your podcast check out the […]


The Hotlz Review

By Dave Jackson / May 12, 2017

A bunch of dudes talking gaming using really bad media hosting (When I checked their SoundCloud feed it was dead on iTunes). Lots of nerd humor. Website Want a full review see


I Am Your Father – Review

By Dave Jackson / May 10, 2017

A show from a USA today reporter that is done in a really raw way, I found the music a little annoying after a while, and he switched topics on us. The website is If you’d like a full review of your podcast check out or if you need Podcast Consulting, Book an Appointment […]

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