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WMRA Daily

By Dave Jackson / February 22, 2018

Description The WMRA Daily brings you the latest local, regional and statewide news, plus WMRA feature stories. Website Opinion: Maybe its because I’m a musician, but I can smell homemade music a mile away. At least it was in tune, but it was too loud, and went on way too long.


Pawcast: Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge

By Dave Jackson / December 9, 2017

Description It’s the Pawcast! The Friends of the Animals Baton Rouge podcast. Meet the dogs, hear the adoption report, learn about opportunities to help FOTA. Hosted by Catherine OBrien, the Pawcast will help you connect with our organization and support our mission of saving as many dogs and puppies as possible from the East Baton […]


Radio Lewes

By Dave Jackson / November 29, 2017

iTunes Description of Radio Lewes Podcasts and webcasts from Lewes, UK created by members and friends of the award winning Oyster Project charity Radio Lewes Website: Opinion: The audio sounded very midrange heavy (like a phone). Then you played music that you don’t have rights to play (so I’m not going to publish it as […]


Slept in Government Class

By Dave Jackson / June 5, 2017

A podcast for those who simply want an objective, non-partisan look at government. If you just want the facts about what government is doing without the partisan spin then this is the podcast for you. Check it out at I liked the content but thought he needed a pop filter. The intro showed this […]


91.5 KRCC Local Newscasts – Reviewed

By Dave Jackson / June 2, 2017

The latest news about Colorado Springs and Southern Colorado from the award-winning 91.5 KRCC Newsroom – updated Monday through Friday.See A no-nonsense news report for Colorado Springs done by a professional news reporter. Quick and to the point. Want and honest first impression? Sign up today If you’d like a full review of your […]


Thats All I Have To Say About That – Review

By Dave Jackson / April 26, 2017

Thats All I Have To Say About That Bad Audio Quality Ruined this show. He took the time to script, but no time learning how to record properly (see Get a full review at


r-house Radio Show – Review

By Dave Jackson / April 17, 2017

This podcast for being recorded in a radio studio doesn’t sound that great. IMHO, I would tease the guest, then done the 2 minutes of ads. I would also connect the guest to why she is here. Get a full review by going to