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Storm Front Freaks

By Dave Jackson / April 6, 2018

Comments? 888-563-3228 Description The official account of “The Most Entertaining Weather Podcast”! Storm Front Freaks is a team of amateur and professional storm enthusiasts from various backgrounds hosting exciting guests from the weather industry. Website Opinion This started off great. The intro music slightly drowns out the voice over person. You introduce a very talented […]



By Dave Jackson / October 2, 2017

From their iTunes Description The Varmints! podcast is an education/comedy podcast that’s all about animals! Every week two nerds name Paul and Donna do a whole bunch of research to bring you a mix of science, education, pop culture and comedy about all things that creep, crawl, slither, fly, jump, hop and swim on this […]


T-Bone Speaks Dentistry

By Dave Jackson / August 29, 2017

From the Website: Each episode the T-Bone Speaks podcast will bring an inspirational message to help you achieve clinical, financial, and personal balance in dentistry.  Website: Opinion: The intro is good, but when you come on your audio is pretty bad. Get closer to the microphone to cut down on the reverb. Dr. Jergensen […]


Blogging Heads TV – Review

By Dave Jackson / April 5, 2017

Blogging heads TV. This podcast may have some professors in front of the mic, but they should go to school about how to setup a podcast. See Want to full review, check out ]Podcast Review Show