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The Weird Life of Bjorn

Hi, I’m Bjorn, a bad egg in a good basket of Ostmen. A simple guy with a secret wish to eventually end up in Valhalla fighting the good fight of daily struggles in the society at large. So come and listen to my journal and the story I have to tell.

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Travelman Podcast

Hi my name is Ben and I’m from Melbourne, Australia and I host the show Travelman Podcast. I’ll have some very special guests from time to time, they’ll share with me and you their travel experiences! I’ll also be sharing funny and interesting facts for you to enjoy! Sit back and welcome to the Travelman Podcast!

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A Non Mom Happy Hour

A Non Mom Happy Hour is a podcast and community that brings women together for laughter and healing every Sunday night. This is a safe space to talk about trauma, survival, self-care, and the innate badassery that comes with being a woman. If you like to laugh, feel like you never quite fit into most lady groups because you’re not a mom, or just need a break from momming for an hour, you should come to hang out! A Non Mom Happy Hour: Celebrating real ass human women, whether they use their baby box or not.

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