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Simple Programmer Podcast

By Dave Jackson / January 17, 2018

Description: John Sonmez wants to help you become more successful, make more money, deal with difficult coworkers and be so productive everyone thinks you must be abusing a prescription for Ritalin. Listen in every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as Simple Programmer founder, John Sonmez, answers questions, interviews guests and shares everything he knows to help […]


Metis Strategy

By Dave Jackson / October 23, 2017

iTunes Summary Metis Strategy’s Forum on World Class IT is a widely-listened to podcast series comprised of a collection of over 100 exclusive interviews with Chief Information Officers and other IT industry thought leaders. Interviews explore IT best practices as they relate to the five principles of Metis Strategy’s World Class IT Methodology: People, Infrastructure, […]


WP Plugins A To Z

By Dave Jackson / August 11, 2017

From their Website: Now Powering over 25% of the web WordPress and with over 40k plugins and growing. How do you sort the gems from the junk? Your hosts John Overall and Marcus Couch have an unrehearsed weekly conversation taking you behind the scenes to uncover some of the great and not so great plugins […]


Podcast Ninja

By Dave Jackson / August 1, 2017

From their website: We cover all aspects of podcasting in a simplified and entertaining way. Topics include SEO, monetization, affiliate marketing, recording equipment, interview techniques, engineering, hosting, and even how to start your own podcast from zero to launch.See Opinion The audio on this seemed almost not bad, but it was a little shaky, and […]


The Masquerade

By Dave Jackson / July 3, 2017

According to their website, the show is, “A Podcast about starting a Podcast Network… with $85 and a Mask” We listened to an episode called the Call to Action. My Opinion The audio quality was good, and I loved the opening lines and explained the story I would be listening to. The name “I am […]


The Computer Tutor

By Dave Jackson / June 7, 2017

The Computer Tutor podcast is a weekly show that offers all kinds of cool things that help you use your computer more easily and effectively. You’ll say, “Wow, that’s cool – I never knew I could do that!” Show notes for each episode are at This is a first. I listen to this show […]


Garbage Day Podcast -Review

By Dave Jackson / April 12, 2017

Honestly, we didn’t know what we wanted to do for a podcast. So we make it up on the spot! Tune in for a ton of hilarity as Lil Stevie and Jeremy improv the entire show. We can’t promise it will be good, we can promise it will be funny. Well… no, we can’t. […]