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The Classic Influence Podcast explores the timeless lessons learned from the legends of influence, leadership, power, persuasion, charisma, hustle and grit. Whether you work in business or politics, education or entertainment, or whether you simply want to tap more of your potential power and find greater success, your capacity for influence is indispensable to getting the outcomes you desire. Influence is the master key to success. Distilled from the stories of history’s heroes and today’s superstars of success, this show is based on the idea that, as Isaac Newton once said, we can see further by standing on the shoulders of giants. “Look back over the past,” wrote Marcus Aurelius, “…and you can foresee the future too.” Drawing on his graduate school training at San Diego State and Harvard, as well as his training and experience as a qualitative researcher at Columbia, where he now teaches, John C. Welch (author of Mastering the Power of Grit) reveals the most critical patterns and themes that surface in the research of those who have mastered the power of influence—champions and heroes who stand as timeless legends of leadership, power, hustle and grit. Listen in as we work to unearth the wisdom and insights of the hustlers and heroes of history to discover the strategies, tactics, tips and tools you can use to master the power of influence to achieve your own most daring dreams and goals.



The description of your show has a ton of information that I feel is not needed. What is your show about? What can I expect? How will I benefit? Your author title has some keywords included and that can get you kicked out of Apple. I liked the production, but everything seems to be very wordy. You included a brief table of content so I knew what the episode was about followed by a commercial for your book (which is fine) and when I was ready for the story, you got to it. For me, a story needs to have something to make me care about the character, and typically the hero of the story is facing a challenge or some sort of drama. It seemed (for me) to take a while to get to this point. For the record, I'm not much of a History buff, so I may not be your target audience.

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