From their website: CultPOP! PodCasts are the official Pop Culture PodCasts of all Geeks everywhere. Go on, ask'em.


Your audio levels are all over the place. Your audio quality was average (but I've heard worse). The intro had some energy, but the introductions seemed a bit forced. I liked that you had names to go with the voices, but do we really need to introduce people like it's a boxing match?

I love that you are getting your audience's input, but I'm not sure its something I would start the show off with, and instead move it to the end. This may push people to listen to the end to see if their comment made it into the show. I would instead tell people what you're going to be talking about today so they can make an informed decision on if they want to listen or not.

I can't say if I like the content or not as three minutes in, you hadn't got to it yet. 

You are using the PowerPress plugin and the player you have selected used Flash. Choose the player that does not need flash as a flash player won't work on an iPhone. 

You might consider putting a link to an android app (stitcher, etc) as you have iTunes and an RSS feed (and most people don't know what to do with an RSS feed). 

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