The year-round, family-friendly ice fishing podcast!


Episode: As you didn't specify one, I chose your latest episode


Where do I begin? If you are doing this show for fun, then keep doing it. But the using the phone to podcast does not cut it anymore in podcasting. You might get away with it in 2005, but not in 2017. Your website is a mess. It looks like it was designed by someone who knows nothing about design. I couldn't even figure out where to see all the episodes (I only saw one on the site).


Your artwork does not meet Apple specifications which are

1400x1400px (minimum)
3000x3000px (maximum)
Under 500kb
Use rGB color space
Be a JPG, JPEG, or a PNG file

This may cause issues with updating in iTunes, and it's going to look awful on your powerpress player as it's expecting a square image.

Your first impression is this being done by people who are trying to figure it out as they go along, and they aren't there yet. I would get your artwork fixed, and get a website where people can listen, subscribe, and contact you, in addition to having an about page that talks about the show.

You have a lot going on (according to your about page) so take some time and get some help and get going in the right direction.

You want your audience to feel like you're there with them, and adding reverb to the audio makes it sound like your podcasting from a cave.

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