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Replicating a visual medium through story telling and other fun stuff



Granted this is your fourth episode, but the intro while well produced didn't really let me know what the show was about, or what to expect. It was over a minute long and then lead to illegal music and another intro. Get to the content quicker, and the big thing missing for me was what the show is about (welcome to Memes in the Morning where we _____) and then a quick blurb (On today's show we talk about ____). As your show is very visual, you need to keep in mind that your listeners can't see what you are talking about. This means you need to be super descriptive audio podcast. Another alternative is to do a video podcast. When trying to download your episode in Apple iTunes it took forever. Squarespace makes great looking websites, but their downloads speeds are horrible as a podcast host. You might check out and see about migrating over (you can get a free month using the coupon code sopfree).

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