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The Merchants of Dirt Podcast, hosted by Kyle M. Bondo, is a podcast dedicated to helping you become a successful off-road race promoter. Each episode provides you with Kyle’s exclusive, behind-the-scenes perspective that only his 20+ years of producing endurance, trail, water, orienteering, mountain bike, and adventure races can provide. The result is a show that can help you start a new race, or improve on what you’ve already started. Merchants of Dirt Podcast is part of Reckoneer Media and joins the Get Lost Racing Podcast in supporting Kyle’s mission to teach race promoters how to start, direct, and grow successful races




The audio quality and energy were great. You did a good job of explaining what was coming on the show, and what the show was about. The only thing you did, is you introduced the four horsemen at the beginning of the show, and then you did the intro, and then you introduced them again. This time with sound effects, but being that it had only been a few minutes since you introduced them, we had not forgotten them. I would just say, “So the first horsemen we are tackling is..” and went right into it. Then to transition, you can say things like, “Horsemen number 2 of the Racing Apocoplyse is…”

If you have any credentials you might want to add that to answer the question, “Why should I listen to you?”

All in all, I loved the enthusiams

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