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This is the show for novelists who hate marketing, but still want to become best-selling authors. Our goal is to make book promotion fun and easy for writers who would really rather be writing.



The intro music was too loud, and you got off on a tangent about the hosts' second show. As a new listener, I don't care about show #2 until I like show #1 and your tangent was not a great way to start the show. You're explaining AM/FM and while I get the sarcasm, you're wasting my time.

You also gave me no reason as to why I should listen to you. Who are you?

Your audio is OK. it was listenable once we got to the talking part. It seemed to miss some icing (maybe a little equalization to make it a little warmer, and clear). The first host needs a pop filter.

I would've faded out the music and while you were talking over it, you seem to have to shout over it.

I found it funny that you say “Let's dive in immediately” after you have gone on this long tangent.

I would've moved the mention of the new podcast to the end where fans of the show (who would care about the topic) would get more out of it, without sending the new listener on a tangent.


You're using Feedburner which was a good idea in 2005, but a horrible idea in 2017 (it stalls, and often scrambled titles, etc).

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