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By Dave Jackson / August 27, 2018

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This is the Operation GritBox Podcast. Teaching TopFlight Performance.





I'm not sure what TopFlight Performance is. TopFlight sounds like a brand. I would expand on your description. Also when the show starts and you explain that the GritBox podcast is brought to me by Gritbox, I feel like I just tuned into an infomercial. The audio wasn't as bad as other shows I've heard from anchor (as they usually sound like they were recorded in a boomy bathroom). When you did the ad for Gritbox you didn't say where to go get some. Then when you go to the interview, things went downhill fast. It sounded like your guest was calling in WHILE HE WAS DRIVING. I realize you can't control your guests, but you can let them know what you expect and I'm pretty sure “driving to work” was not on that list.

You asked about his day to day, and I would've rephrased that question with some context to TopFlight Performance. something along the lines as, “When we are talking TopFlight performance we are talking about starting the day strong, how do you start your day? For a new show, it wasn't unlistenable, but the interview was hard to swallow.

I would also go to a place like www.coolerwebsites.com and pick up a domain as nobody is going to enter your website url without adding typos.

Anchor is a horrible platform, they own your show (Forever) and block you from seeing your stats in PodcastsConnect from Apple. I have come to realize that some people just don't care because it's free and easy. Keep in mind an Anchor holds you down and stops you from moving forward. I would move to Libsyn.com and use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month.

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