Today I share my real first impression of the Reel Film Nerd Podcast.



Reel Film Nerd Description

Just two regular gents chatting and reviewing movies of all kinds!


Opinion on the Reel Film Nerds

I can't decide what to do with this the Reel Film Nerd podcast. On one hand, they are exactly what they advertise. Two guys talking about films. I really like that you got right to the film and didn't make me wait through a bunch of nonsensical chit-chats. The audio sounded OK and any comments I have are nitpicking. I'm in a quiet room and I really noticed the hosts breathing. It sounded like someone had compressed the file, but I'm pretty sure had I been outside or really, ANY PLACE That wasn't my quiet office, I wouldn't have even noticed it.

The fact that you couldn't pronounce people's names is not a deal breaker, but come on, you know you're going to say this name in about two minutes. Shouldn't you practice it first? Then at one point, the host seemed kind of snotty like “Hey you forgot the writer earlier.” Now, this might be part of your chemistry where you crack on each other, but for me, I was thinking, “What is wrong with this guy?” Earlier he was like “Dude you forgot somebody” Why not press stop and let him get it right? Were you maybe two minutes into the show? Very weird.

The big take away (and this is bonus content) YOU HAVE NO WAY TO SUBSCRIBE TO YOUR SHOW ON ANY PLATFORM?!!?! So if you're in iTunes put a link to that on your website. Make sure your show is listed in the new Google Podcasts (see ). This means people have to come to your website (or use the podbean app, which would be less than 2% of people if even that high).  Get some subscribe buttons on your site. If you're not sure how to do this,  join the School of Podcasting as I have courses on publishing and promoting your show.

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