From their Website (as their iTunes Description is Blank)

Blackstone Pharmaceuticals is run by a sociopath who has developed a new drug capable of reviving the dead. Intent on destroying his competition he stages an elaborate “terror” plot at an upscale hotel to take down his rival. The hotel is under quarantine, and the guests inside are left without answers as the dead return to life with an appetite for flesh. Who will survive?



The production was good. I did find it odd that you had the sound effect of the FBI agent walking around the room, but no footsteps from the desk to the room. The intro with the scary laugh doesn't really add much besides let me know it's going to be spooky. It doesn't give me a hint at what the story is about.

This is a bus with no sign on the front. You don't know where it's going (unless you're on their website). as there is no description in iTunes, and no introduction of any kind in the episode. You just walk into the middle of the movie.

I don't think I'm the target audience for this as I don't listen to audio dramas. Too often there are 90% mood music and sound effects and not enough compelling story. They also move slowly to build the backstory and characters.


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