Do you love movies? We do! We are Brad and Justin, The Cinema Guys. We love nothing more than watching movies, especially at the theater. Join us, and our many guests, as we share our love of the big screen (and the small). Listen along as we talk plot, characters, action, and effects. We'll give retro recommendations and talk trailers! You never know there might even be a few plot twists along the way. Thanks for checking out The Cinema Guys!

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My Opinion

For multiple people in the same room, the audio was good. I would

  1. Announce yourselves, “I'm Brad, and I'm Justin .. so we can place the voice with the name and start drawing the theater of the mind.
  2. You seem to know where you are going, so announce it to people. Instead of “Summer Movies” get specific. We are looking at King Arthur, Snatched, Transformers, etc…”
  3. Be careful of tangents in the first part of a show. Have them, enjoy them, then edit them out of the finished podcast.
  4. With a multiple person crew maybe know what points each person wants to make so you avoid a bunch of “me too” (I'm just adding this idea, I'm not saying you did that).

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