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This is a radio show that goes beyond the stats when looking at the next UFC card. Holistic breakdowns. Always Free. Sometimes Funny. Check it out at



I really liked the energy at the beginning. I liked the attitude and the fact that you gave us a preview of what you were going to talk about. I liked that you did a quick review of last week (showing you were right – without milking it). 

I like that you explained the purpose of the show for new people. Again this was clear and concise. You get in, make your point, and move on. 

The only thing I was confused on is how I was going to get hurt with MMA. It wasn't until later when you talked about betting on the fights that the light bulb came on.

If the website you are sending people to has an affiliate program, I would get a website (even if it's a free wordpress site like this one tied in with a domain name. If you need to send people links, you can send people to that website where the link you want to click is waiting for them. 


In looking at your artwork, I see it does not meet Apple Specifications which are:

    1400x1400px (minimum)
    3000x3000px (maximum)
    Under 500kb
    Use rGB color space
    Be a JPG, JPEG, or a PNG file

for more information go to

Your artwork is 900X900 (too small).

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