“Sustainable Parenting and eco living” – we've all heard about it and want to live by it the best way we can, but let's be real…Parenting in itself is a full-time job! Where does one even start to learn more about natural ways to parent and sustainable lifestyles? Start here! Nature’s Premiere has been New York’s premiere diaper service since 2009, and now is extending their expert knowledge of all things eco and parenting into easily digestible 30 minute weekly episodes! Join founder Brooke Nichols for conversations about natural parenting, sustainable lifestyle choices, humanitarian topics and so much more! We will be featuring guests in each of these areas and beyond, to give you another expert's take on many of the topics we will be covering. As a parent looking to reduce their eco footprint or learn more about natural parenting, you need strong insights from an expert in the field and easy to consume knowledge with no judgements. Introducing, The Nature’s Premiere Podcast!

Check out the show at http://naturespremiere.libsyn.com

Good Points

I liked the intro. It had some good energy.

Easy Fixes

The microphone sounds like you're too far away (my guess is you're using a Blue Yeti – hear how to use one on the Best Podcasting Gear Show). I would've used the “why did you get started” answers in the intro, and get to the meat and potatoes quicker.

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