From their iTunes Description:

The only Podcast Pitching Show that combines story telling, business pitches and a dash of improve…

And then lets YOU vote on which ideas become a 16 Episode Mini-Series on the Network every season!

Should you listen and want to contribute your own design of a Podcast Cover or Intro Music for a specific idea pitched on the show, please email with the Subject Line “Podject Contribution” and include permission to use your content. Should your submission be picked for a winning podcast you will earn a Creator Percentage of the funds earned for that Specific Show.

You can find more details and more at

Podject Website:

Podcast Review:

The intro was pretty long waiting for the voice over to come in. The “Ghoulish” voice sounded somewhat cheesy. The voice intro explained what was going to happen on the show, then the hosts came on and explained what was going to happen on the show.

I would've tuned out based on the intro voice, but hung around. The first idea (as you get to vote on ideas) was to make a podcast made out of the most annoying sounds. With this statement, you lose all credibility in my eyes. Creative?

Yes, but so is Yoko Ono.

I will be watching this show as the idea is to have the audience (which if you don't have one, this will fall flat) will pick the parts that make up a new podcast for the network. I once had a vote inspired show, and people hacked every voting script I tried. This means you may end up with something really stupid for your network. A Show might win, not because the ideas are good, but because hackers get bored easily.

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