From Their iTunes Description:

Podcast by WCBPodcast.

Their website states, “Just a couple of the boys getting together to talk hockey and everything else. Your one-stop shop for all your unofficial news on the Blackhawks, NHL, and all things hockey. Hosts Poetzy, Nolly, and Jarom with a combined 50 plus years of hockey experience and lived through the dark ages of the Chicago Blackhawks these guys have almost seen it all. “



Good intro, but when you guys come on, you sound like you're trying to figure out what the show is about today (this should be done before hitting record). Your audio is a little on the low side, and trying to make each other laugh is not a good first impression. We don't get your jokes as we don't know you. You might try stating what you're going to be talking about, have everyone say their name (so we know what name to associate with the voice).

You have a passion for Hockey, why not get to it sooner, and in a more organized fashion.


You're using Soundcloud and as a company, they almost went out of business this month. They've lost close to 400 million, laid off 40% of their staff. They are a sinking ship, I recommend using (use the coupon code sopfree to get a free month) and they will transfer your back catalog for free.

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