That Just Might Work

By Dave Jackson / February 2, 2018


The toothbrush. The popsicle. The blender. The inventions we use every day of our lives — what, you don’t have a popsicle everyday? These inventions that were invented before our time have been largely unimproved for decades. Is this because they’re perfect the way they are? Or is it that we’re so set in our ways, we’ve become afraid to innovate? Why isn’t there a spoon that better suits our needs?



I liked the energy of the intro, and I like the idea of the show, but you took way too long to get to the content, and there are much more efficient ways to do your announcements. The other thing is the listener hasn't heard your show yet, so why would I want a sticker, or subscribe? Get to the content. The introduction of you co-host was a little wonky as well. All you need to say is I'm Jason, I'm Jesse and get to the content.

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