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Hi my name is Ben and I'm from Melbourne, Australia and I host the show Travelman Podcast. I'll have some very special guests from time to time, they'll share with me and you their travel experiences! I'll also be sharing funny and interesting facts for you to enjoy! Sit back and welcome to the Travelman Podcast!



The audio starts of great. His energy is good. He does a good job of setting up the episode. I was ready to hear about traveling the world with this COVID-19 everywhere. Where do we go from here? Instead of answering that question he spent some time playing “What time is it there?” (we don't care) and then told me a bunch of things I already knew such as:

  1. There are updates on the virus in what seems like every 15 minutes (we know this)
  2. They closed down sports in the US (everyone knows this).

Your first question is what has happened? Unless your target audience lives under a rock, I think we all have some idea of what is going on. You might've gone into what the disease is, and why it's so important old people don't get it. For me, I was looking for specific information about this disease and travel. You may have got into it later in the episode, but you have to hold my attention.

You also assume I know you. You had mentioned how the disease wouldn't affect you as you're not old. How old are you? Always remember your brand new listeners (which you did a GREAT job of welcoming them at the beginning of the show).

Think of your target audience. They are empty-nester parents with retirement money to spend, and they want to know if they can go anywhere. If they can't, maybe do an episode on how to plan the next trip once it's safe.

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