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A weekly podcast which investigates the cases, mysteries, and relationship dynamics on the show, Veronica Mars, episode-by-episode. Be cool, soda pop. If you're a first time viewer of the show, we will NOT spoil future episodes.



The intro music was too long. I liked the intro you let the audience know what the show was about and what to expect on the episode. You get right to the content. I might have an issue telling you to apart (so you might want to pan someone slightly left and someone slightly right). I don't know if this was on purpose or natural, but someone's voice has a little more bass.

I loved the conversational tone of the show, but at one point you started to describe the episode and I would bet that this was written out as you started to speed up, and your tone had a “hurry and get through it” tone so you can get back to talking. This is not a huge deal, but you did such a good job of being loose but focused and having a conversation keep the conversational tone going forward.

I've never watched this show, but you made me want to watch an episode. All in all a good first impression and if I watched this show I'd probably listen to this episode.

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