Gaz and Baz have spent decades talking about games, ever since University, which was far too long ago for their liking.
All RPG problems were solved in whiskey-fueled late night sessions, with the disappointing realization they couldn’t remember any of it the following day being the only fly in the ointment.
Now older, wiser and more experienced, the plucky duo have decided to commit their enthralling discussion to this newfangled podcast technology, in the vain hopes of capturing something useful or interesting. It should be a conversation starter if nothing else.



Probably one of the worst audio samples I've heard in a while. It sounded like you put a microphone in front of the speaker while connected to skype.

The intro music that comes in, then fades out and then you start talking is an amateur move. Have the voices come in while the music is fading out.

The third person was only heard in one headphone. This again screams amateur.

These are all things that are easily remedied.

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