From Their Website:

God stories delivered right to your earbuds. This show is for people who want to be connected to what God’s doing in the Earth. Each week we hear from missionaries and church planters, sharing stories, insights, and resources from their lives and ministries. Listen to be encouraged, challenged, inspired, and resourced for God’s calling in your life. Enter the adventure!



Great intro, I knew exactly what I was getting into. Your quick mention about fundraising was just that – quick. I loved the introduction in that you were reading it, but also throwing in some sincere thoughts on the guest, and you sounded thrilled to be bringing the guest on to the show. If this is what I want to hear, I'm ready. If not, I know to eject – and your audience appreciates that. 

For me, too much Christian Cliches turn me off, and you mentioned the “Body of Christ” what seemed to be alot

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