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Honest, Fair, CONSTRUCTIVE Reviews!

Dave reviewed my podcast and I appreciated his specific and actionable suggestions for improvement. Then I listened to reviews of other shows and learned even more. This show shows instead of just tells and that makes it very useful. Couldn’t hit subscribe fast enough after finding it.

Truly One of the Best

Amazing show! Full of valuable information served with humor. Dave Jackson delivers valuable insight based on his personal experience.

Learn What Not To Do

I’ve learned so much from Dave by listening to this! He’s got great advice from the perspective of the listener, and even though my show hasn’t been reviewed here, I use his critiques of others to become a better podcaster. This is good stuff!

Love school of Podcasting

You should listen to my podcast What’s That

The more you know

As a trainer transitioning from working under the supervision of a gym to doing my own business I’ve found a lot of the information on the podcast helpful. I usually learn something new relevant to programming for myself and/or my clients. Good humor matched with good knowledge to share.

Honest, accurate and fair

These reviews are all three. Dave knows whereof he speaks, and rather than whine about the reviews, podcasters who produce shows that get the buzzer or "meh" would be better off making the changes he suggests. That is, if they care about doing a better-quality show. If not, then they can feel free to never listen again.

Awesome show

Being a drag queen, I have a thicker skin than most, so I really appreciate the honestly in Dave’s feedback. I also enjoy hearing little samples of podcasts and have found some I want to listen to! This is a 5-star show

Good Show

I like the short format, this is a fun show to binge.

This is the best 3 star reviewed show I’ve ever heard

I like Dave’s show because he’s knowledgeable about the podcasting space. He gives constructive criticism when it needs to be given...and has fun doing so.

I got the “Meh”.

My podcast got the “meh” and you know what? Dave was right. Whether you like his opinions or not, Dave knows what he’s talking about and his critique helped me to make my podcast better. I don’t always agree with him, but he clearly states it’s only his opinion. Keep up the great work.

Quick listen and practical intro advice

I find myself laughing at Dave’s comments, and yet will learn and note the opportunities that present themself from other podcasters.

We had a wonderful review.

We enjoyed your thoughts. We enjoy thoughts. Thank you for noting that you may not be the audience for our type of programming. We liked the parts you liked and the parts you did not like. We are sorry for your frustration. We might not take the short and to the point road, but we will always take the weird, gross, abstract and silly one. You have a very nice show. Thank you....and Please Keep Broadcasting.

Practical Advice

If you listen to this podcast enough you will notice a common theme. "Deliver quality content a timely manner." This podcast has been a top two or three influence on my podcast. Thanks for the challenge to get to the point and deal with secondary issues later when the superfans are still hanging around. Clay Working Cows Podcast

It was something...

We checked out your podcast, it was something. It could be better, and we know how. Find out on “Episode 6 - Share a Slice with Sean vs Podcast Rodeo” of “Pee on the Pods’ podcast… You’re Welcome!

Good quick show

I really enjoy this show. I especially love the negative reviews on here of this show, which are CLEARLY written by people he’s torn apart. How adorable that they can’t take criticism. But this show is some of Dave Jackson’s best work. He points out a lot of common mistakes podcasters make and it’s a nice opportunity to self-reflect if you have your own show. He gets too angry at theme music longer than 6 seconds (dude, 15 seconds is fine, chill with that), and he’s too easy on the Christian shows or ones by people he knows (obvious bias on both fronts from him), but generally he’s honest and it’s a cool experiment. I have listened to every episode and wish he had the time to do it daily—that’s how much I light up when it pops into my notifications. Please never stop this show, Dave. Thank you, that is all.


just loved every minute!!

Awesome Podcast!

This is not only a great podcast to learn from other peoples mistakes, but also I find a lot of new podcasts to listen too! I like Dave's honest opinion and the funny comments he makes when he is listening to the podcast. -Josh

Duly noted

Thanks, Dave. Excellent feedback that is duly noted. ~Gregory Byerline, Host of Collected Clan which you rodeod in episode #8. Cheers.

Great Work Dave!

I love the podcast Dave. Great work on helping others to hear the good, and sometimes bad, out there in podcasts. And for the whiners about “copyright violations,” Dave’s work her falls under the fair use doctrine. Try looking it up.

This Is Patrick Wu (The Wooist)

I looked for my own show Wooist and as I searched around it looked like Dave was doing a review of my show. Too bad he looked at an episode of a 3 part episode so he had really no idea what the show was about. He's probably right in that I should have had an intro on that particular episode though.

Ignore the hate

The level of butthurt is to be expected by people that isn't liked. When you put yourself out there you have to expect some critisism. Dave's first impressions are usually about the same as mine. It's just an opinion not bullying or anything close.

Haha!! Fantastic

Whaaaahh! I love reading the negative ratings! Oh my, what a bunch of cry babies. This show is brilliant! Quick, and witty! It’s a good learning experience for Podcasters to learn how to make shows better!