Podcast Rodeo

Podcast Rodeo

Each week Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson chooses a random podcast and listens to an episode and comments. How long will he listen before he bails? Enjoy these brief podcast reviews as you discover new shows and learn how to make your show better.

Recent Episodes


The Confident Careerist

June 16, 2021

Today we are listening to Welcome to the Confident Careerist podcast - Conversations with inspiring…


Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe

April 28, 2021

Description : Welcome to Hot Takes and Cold Beers With Chris and Joe! Just a couple longtime buddie…


Cryptid Encounter

April 21, 2021

Description : Cryptid Encounters, it’s a podcast where we learn about the Mysterious, the Strange, …

TV & Film

Based on a True Story

April 13, 2021

Today we take a look at Based on a True Story. Their description is: We've all seen the movies that…

Health And Fitness

5 Core Life with Will Moore

April 7, 2021

Title : 5 Core Life with Will Moore Website : https://mooremomentum.com/5-core-life-podcast/ Review…


Big Facts No Cap

March 31, 2021

Description: Big Facts, No Cap is an iPod broadcast in which two normal dudes with highly overlappi…



March 23, 2021

Website http://8theworld.com Description The host, Rob Lewis, a home cook talks about recipes, insp…

The Trail Connection

March 16, 2021

Description: The Trail Connection brings listeners/viewers alongside Tim Garland and various guests…