Podcast Rodeo

Podcast Rodeo

Each week Podcast Consultant Dave Jackson chooses a random podcast and listens to an episode and comments. How long will he listen before he bails? Enjoy these brief podcast reviews as you discover new shows and learn how to make your show better.

Recent Episodes

Journey Through Health and Wellness

Oct. 12, 2021

Today I take a Journey Through Health and Wellness Hosted by, well, I have no idea they never said. The show is about, well, they never said. Their audio was pretty muffled, and the introduction was impressive but was basica…

The Decision Reel

Oct. 6, 2021

The Decision Reel has a nice website, and decent artwork, but their description needs some work: Join George, Brent and Steve, 3 guys who love to talk, as they discuss random movies with special guests from time to time, and…

Modern Persian Food

Oct. 1, 2021

The podcast rodeo features honest first impressions. Today we are looking at Modern Persian Food https://modernpersianfood.com The intro still sounds like you're reading it to me. There is a fair amount of mic handling noise…

Society & Culture

Erotic Awakening

Sept. 14, 2021

Check out Erotic Awakening at http://www.eroticawakening.com Get Reviewed at https://www.podcastrodeoshow.com/store Get a Full Review at https://www.podcastreviewshow.com This show is available for Value 4 Value where you ca…


E! With Naomi

Sept. 8, 2021

This show is hosted by Naomi who plays illegal music and pimps anchor. It's illegal (Spotify has that deal where you can play music, but you have to listen on Spotify, and you have to have talking). No plug foryou! Use a rea…

The Chris & Sandy Show

Aug. 17, 2021

Comments on The Chris and Sandy Show? 888-563-3228 Description The Chris & Sandy Show gets up close & personal with some amazing guests throughout the entertainment industry from artists, actors, authors & athletes. We get t…


Aug. 3, 2021

Two British women talk about the real-life housewife of Beverly Hills . They identify as activists and comedians and writers. The one poor host had someone go "Fully Mad" on her and she's been scarred. For me Grace's audio i…

Fingerspace - A Fingerboarding Podcast

July 27, 2021

Description: Welcome to The Fingerspace Podcast, a weekly show where we deep dive into fingerboard topics! Don’t forget to nosebonk that subscribe button and darkslide on over to our Discord server. Thanks for skating by and…

Kendric Reeves

July 20, 2021

Kendric wnet nuts when he typed his description. It reads, "Sports." He apparently is a busy man as he is recording his podcast while he driving. The sound of his car is loud and distracting. So easy to fix, and yet here it …

Dumb People With Terrible Ideas

July 13, 2021

Description You’re fascinated with people who make mistakes and ALSO want to know more about the world but don’t want to read? In each episode, your brilliant and handsome narrator guides you through a single well-researched…


The Hockey Podcast Network

July 6, 2021

The Hockey Podcast Network starts off with a long advertisement for another sport and is followed by a very EXCITED guy about Hockey. However, he could stand to be a little closer to the mic. I found the random app from podf…


The Curious Ulsterman

June 30, 2021

This is a podcast with you in mind. It was created to equip you with the critical real-life skills and wisdom that you weren't taught in school. I'll be interviewing people from all walks of life, including CEOs, veterans, t…