Dec. 16, 2022

How to Win a Campaign


Join progressive strategists Joe Fuld and Martín Diego Garcia to talk about advocacy and political campaigns. Each episode, they will be joined by seasoned experts who will share their tried-and-true tips and tricks that have helped political and advocacy campaigns make a difference in the long run and maximize their impact on the ground. This podcast is a must listen - if you work for an advocacy organization, non-profit, are running for office, or want to get involved in advocacy and political work. The podcast is produced by The Campaign Workshop.


What I Liked About This Episode

The audio was good, and the delivery was good. The host did a good job of establishing the topic, and the guest. He had a nice fluffy opening question and then got right to the meaty questions that we all know are coming.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

I always enjoy it when someone gives me the exact link to where I can find the show notes/description.

Your Twitter handles sounded like a cat walking on a piano. Follow me on dhfgrtyd ??

Don't try to be radio, and use those catchphrases. Just take your transition music and fade it in as you transition to the interview.

You did a great job if introducing the guest, but you never really introduced the show (vs the episode).

Jimmy Falon and Ben Affleck on SNL "And We're Back."

The Goal Of This Show

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