Sept. 30, 2020

Stories Your Granny Never Told

Comments on Stories Your Granny Never Told?



A podcast interviewing ‘the wiser generation’ about their interesting,

unexpected, and funny life stories.



I love, love, love the ides of this show. The audio was "OK" but you could try a little noise reduction and bass reduction to get rid of some of the rumbles. You have an issue and that is you are mining for gold. You know its there, but not sure where. What I heard was you mining for gold. Instead of "do you have any stories?" you should have already found them, and editing out all the boring stuff. You may also have great stories trapped in people who are awful storytellers. This is where editing is your friend. This might be a great candidate for using a narrative (sometimes called, "NPR" style). This topic has huge potential, and you're fairly new so you on your way.

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