Feb. 22, 2022


Welcome to REMelations! Join best friends Mindy and Brooke as they share their fascination with all things dreams. From the silly and weird to the vivid and terrifying. So, cozy up, get in your pjs and join them as they discuss dreams from their favorite guests…..YOU! Submit your adventures from the land of nod and listen as they provide their very untrained and unprofessional analysis of a lucky listener’s dream.

Find them at remelations.com

What I Liked

I liked their description. They caught my attention with "nightmare" and I was ready to hear about someone else's nightmare/ As they started telling the dream, I definitely had an "I wonder what is going o happen next." They seem to move along at a decent pace.

What I Thought Needed Tweaked

Instead of talking about the weather, at the beginning, you had listed all the spooky things that you were going to talk about. Maybe ask the other co-host "where do we start today? Dinosaurs? Lunchables? and then get right to the dream.

Then you have any chit-chat after the dream or in between dreams.

Things to Think About

Are people tuning in for your comments or to hear about dreams. If they are tuning in to hear dreams, the interruption might frustrate those as you have the theater of the mind going. I didn't mind the tangent for the comment until you got to the Lunchables and the longer you take a side step to giggle, the story in my head starts to fade away. If you take an extended pause on a dream to really poke some fun, you might want to consider a quick recap, "OK, back at the car Grandma is still eating Lunchables..." to reset the story.

Rodeo Housekeeping

As a teacher, I look to encourage and uplift people. I had one person who had asked for Feedback in a Facebook group, and their show confused me. I said that, and the person was deeply hurt, and basically said I was mean. This threw me for a loop, and I'm still figuring things out. I do know I want to do this show. I enjoy helping people make the best episodes they can.

I may not review shows that I have not been asked to review. What happens if there are no reviews? I'm not sure. I could change the schedule and maybe go every other week. I guess we'll jump off that bridge when we get to it. For now, if you want to have your show reviewed, go to


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