April 1, 2022

The Thocc


Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast A podcast about the mechanical keyboard hobby and what makes it talk… You can find the show at https://www.thethocc.com/, another great-looking site on Podpage. You can learn podpage for free at www.learnpodpage.com

What I Liked About This Episode

The host sounds amazing and apparently did a deep dive. I'm not the target audience and I'm taking the fact that I had no idea what they were talking about as a good thing.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

The first answer should've started when the guest started to answer the question (we got to hear some self-deprecating talk first). The guest audio (as is always the case) sounded a bit boomy, and at times the host got a little soft. You can make your guest sound better by recording separate tracks with a tool like the Zoom Podtrack P4 or a service like Squadcast. Then you can run the guest's side of the conversation through the Descript software and turn on their Studio Sound tool that makes bad audio sound amazing. Check out this Quick Studio Sound Demo

Instead of putting "Dave's Interview" what was the main takeaway? THink of the title of your show a bit more "extra-extra read all about it."

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The following is an opinion and only an opinion. These are actual honest first impressions. If you don't like the opinion, feel free to never listen again.


Welcome to the podcast Radio Show. I'm your host, Dave Jackson from the School of podcasting.com. This is where we grab a random podcast and see how long we can hang on. And today, we are listening to the th OCC podcast. So right there, I again would say go up to I don't know five people that you think are your target audience and go, What do you think the fuck is? And my guess is they're not going to know that it's a podcast about the mechanical keyboard hobby, and what makes it talk and we're going to be listening to an episode called quake Mzs. Like that's a person maybe. So very inside baseball, you're assuming I know who quake Sims is. And I do have some housekeeping at the end of the review. I'll be talking about some things that are going on with the show. It's good news if you're a regular listener of the show, but right now let's listen to the fuck Hey, guys.


Welcome to another episode. First of all like to thank you for your continued support and interest in the show. Really, really appreciate that. Greg pipes, as you probably have noticed already, this is a long one, we approach a topic that is very important to both of us. So to be honest, I'm actually surprised that it was not longer as we could have kept going on for hours. And only Don't ask anything but this time, I would ask you to pause the episode. And reach out to someone and say hello. See how they are going and make sure things are okay with them. We all know what can happen even if people seem to be okay. And a word sometimes it only takes to brighten their day. Now that you have done that on with the episode.


Interesting beginning.


Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Thok a podcast about the mechanic keep a hobby, and what makes us come up with a switch name. Our guest this episode is a mechanical keyboard enthusiast that has made the difference in the hobby. He is the creator of the now in famous holy Panda, host of top clack. And apparently has been given a new nickname by a known retailer. Quakers or shall I say, quack EMS. Welcome to the talk.


Thank you so much for having me. It's it's an honor and a pleasure to be here.


No, man, it's a pleasure to have you


really so. Quack quack.


I'm sure you love that nickname. I Yeah. Right. So as you probably are aware, we always start with the most cheesy and you know, usual question of the mall. But you know, it is always so what got you into the mechanical key or hobby to start with?


Oh, man. Well, I unfortunately, I don't really have a terribly interesting backstory. I was really


yeah, we're not all we're not all super crazy. In our in our past pre keyboard lives as it were. I came in rather comfortably through the PC hobby. I was a big part of custom pcs. I like to build and fix PCs. I did that for several years. And a little a little bit into my journey, I decided that I needed a new keyboard. And I was doing little research on mechanical keyboards and I settled on a CoolerMaster Quick Fire rapid with Cherry MX blacks. And this was this was around 2013.


All that gaming side of it the same thing. I think everyone starts like that, right, looking at what is better for gaming. And I think most of us start from the from the PCAOB as well.


Yeah, and it's a really natural transition, right? You spend so much time and put so much care into something like a custom PC that you build for yourself. You eventually want good peripherals to go around that right you know, you want some good headphones or some good speakers, you know, a good monitor and keyboard is just another another interface that you're going to spend a lot of time using. And I learned early on that, you know, these are the kind of things you want to invest in the things that you're going to be putting this much time in. It's just like it's no different than buying a really nice, comfortable bed, for example.


Correct? Yeah, true. True. Next question. Then you got your CoolerMaster. And then from there, when did you actually realize that you are taking that red pill and that you had fallen into the rabbit hole of mechanical keyboards,


you're getting kind of quiet?


Well, so the CoolerMaster quickfire rapid with MX blacks that I had was was a really nice keyboard to me. I really thoroughly enjoyed using it and I think it was in 2014 CoolerMaster or I'm sorry, not CoolerMaster Corsair had just really to their new RGB keyboards, so the case 65 RGB K 70, RGB that whole line and


here's the thing about this second I'm bored out of my gourd My purpose is bad. Pretty close I'm so not the target audience only about $100 want to listen to the next question here. But I'm assuming finding all this jargon. And remember that keyboard


was fun and all but the, you know, the mysticism around the RGB kind of died off pretty early for me and I really hated the switches, I had MX reds, they felt terrible. And I thought, Gosh, man, I need to get rid of this keyboard. So I wound up selling it on neck market I had to this is what I first learned about our slash Mac market and our slash mechanical keyboards more or less. So I sold the keyboard and I saw another listing while I was selling it for a I think it was the I KBC poker to which was a little newer at the time. Yeah,


the poker to man who can have a poker one. That means seem to


check a lot of the boxes, and I was looking for, I wonder what the goal is. And I had never tried


obviously, I'll talk about mechanical keyboards tried


before. And it was it was a pretty low price as well. So I sold my case 65 RGB and I instantly picked up that like do we need all this history? Typing on it was I guess if it's about two boards variance, it was unlike you know, this there's I've tried it it was relaying information back to the mechanical keyboard could be and looking back now the poker to is not a particularly famous or luxurious keyboard. But I think at the time, it was really a testament to what metatag mechanical keyboards could be and it was it was quite an experience.


Yeah, the poker to man if you find


that that change from Liniers to tactiles even though you know, browns, let's not this on them but again


yeah, don't know the Browns man find a change


to tactiles a big thing for you.


Alright, a couple things. I'm giving it the horse one because I don't know what you're talking about. And I'm going to call that a good thing. The guest audio is not great. But listen, double. And then the the one question when you said When did you get into the story and they go I don't know, my story is pretty bad. La la la la la la la. And then they finally get to the story. Then cut out the part where they go i My story is not that important, because well we'll figure that out ourselves. And then just get to the story. So instead of having the answer, start with this. Oh, man.


Well, I unfortunately, I don't really have a terribly interesting backstory, have the answer. Start with this. I came in rather comfortably through the PC hobby.


The other really good thing was you have phenomenal audio, you sound amazing. The bad news is guess who typically sound Yeah, are going to sound even more. When you sound that good. Now, that doesn't mean the answer is you need to make your audio sound worse. But you might want to check out the script, I took a very small sample of your guest. And we're going to listen to before like the regular audio. And then I ran it through the script. And the script is this cool tool where you can upload a file, it gives you a transcript, and you can actually go into the transcript. So you're highlighting words, when you press Delete, it deletes the words out of the audio, which is cool. It's fun. I don't use it for that. I use it because they have this tool called studio sound. And studio sound is this kind of reverb noise as well as leveler kind of tool. And well, here's the before and after.


Oh, man. Well, unfortunately, I don't really have a terribly interesting backstory. Oh, man. Well, I unfortunately, I don't really have a terribly interesting backstory.


And as I listened back to that, I could have backed it off maybe one more notch. 100% is always a little too aggressive. I backed it down to 98%. And I probably could have gone to 97 but you can hear what that definitely sounds better if you could see the the actual audio file that I'm looking at. It's much more standard. In fact, there was one part where you were talking the host that actually got a little quiet so and there are tools like that for a phonic and things of that nature. I think the only thing if you were coming to me as a new client, is I'm not sure the FOC is. Here's the question is somebody that's into mechanical keyboarding going to go to Google and type in? I'm looking for Thok or are they going to type in mechanical keyboarding to me, I would go I would change your name to the mechanical keyboarding shore show or something of that nature or inside mechanical keyboarding or behind that whatever something I would somehow get your key phrase into the name of your show. Thanks much for ordering your review, you can do the same thing at podcast Rodeo show.com/store. Some couple quick housekeeping points. The big one is I'm going to keep this quick Hey, I'm back. I said I was back. And then I went to Nashville. And then I forgot I really have because it's been so long since I've gone anywhere that when you go to some, in my case, a podcast event, when I get back, I am a week behind. And so I after the week after Nashville, I just got caught up. And I went to Los Angeles for Podcast Movement. And I actually will be doing a webinar sometime in the future. With descript. I am really starting to get interested in their tool, I told them, I said, Please take your sound studio and break it apart from your software because I don't really need the transcription thing. I mean, it's not bad. I just I that's not the way I do things. And I would much rather have their studio tool as a plugin that I could put into Hindenburg or something like that. So consequently, I came back from Los Angeles and gave myself food poisoning. Now if you're bored, and you want to lose some weight, just drink some really bad milk and not notice it. Because your life will get really interesting, really quick. So by the time I I literally sat on the couch for like three days because I was just in really bad shape. And as well as, Hey, let's go to the too much information category shower. Sure Alex. I was also on the toilet for a big chunk of that time. And it just wasn't fun and nothing got done. And so by the time I felt good enough to get up, I was again a week behind from Podcast Movement. So I realized the good news is now to finally get to the point, you're gonna have a podcast radio show, weekly for at least the next three weeks. We had a few people order more, and so you will hear them I realized my schedule has been very sporadic. Recently and I'm back with some again, hopefully constructive feedback. And if again, if you would like to be right here on the show, go over to podcasts, radio show.com/store

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