Dec. 22, 2021

Purple Pants Podcast

There was almost no description of this show, and once you sit through a minute of commercials the host jumps into the show as if you heard all 128 episodes before (which I hadn't).

I was confused for the majority of this show. He finally jumps into the content around the 3-minute mark.

This is all easy to fix. I can help.

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welcome to the podcast radio show. I'm Dave Jackson from the school of podcasting comm. This is where we grab a random podcast, see how long we can hang on. And then I take my 16 years of podcasting experience, and give you an honest first impression. And today we're listening to the purple pants podcast, which I was thinking it might be about prints or something. But here's the extensive description that we get from Apple podcasts. And that is that Bryce, I also hosts the purple pants podcast. That's it. So I know exactly what's coming because well, it's Bryce, Xia Luzia, something like that. Now the fun part of this was I went to play the first episode, and they said the episode was not available. So when we come back, we're going to listen to purple podcast, or purple pants podcast, which number one, you're blowing your title. That is so important. And what did you you, you put the name of the podcast and again, you don't need to put the name of the podcast in again, because it's right at the top of the screen. These seriously you're blowing it here. But we're gonna listen to new era right after this.

So following is an opinion, and only an opinion. These are actual honest first impressions. If you don't like the opinion, feel free to never listen again.

Alright, and here we go. The purple pants podcast. Hi,

it's Harry Enten, your favorite CNN data guy. Singer Songwriter Neil Sedaka is a rarity in the music industry hit

well. That's surprised. This has to be some sort of pre roll. And is there a lot of people that are wondering what happened to Neil sadaqa? Does you know Breaking up is hard to do and love will keep us together.

Tit songs and decades long career made him one of billboards most successful pop

artists of all time. Yeah, back when I was I don't know. Nine.

He also happens to be my uncle. Emile story got me thinking, statistically, is that level of achievement still attainable in today's music business?

No, no, it's

not on the latest margins of error, the story of Uncle Neal's hits and what it means to find success in a starkly different music industry. Listen, wherever you get your podcasts

Wow, that's a horrible pitch. That no website just go find it because we know that the search in Apple and Spotify is just Primo. Alright, can we get to the purple pants

spot you know someone you love is struggling with addiction. Don't wait call 1-800-860-7373 or

the target audience is someone who is addicted to drugs today that really really likes Neil Sedaka has that focus on recovery. I'm assuming debilitate. We're gonna get to the purple pants podcast after this. We

offer residential treatment for men and women intensive outpatient treatment, counseling and more Call 1-800-860-7373 or visit CC DL C To start

Wow, cc DOD. Let's hear that again. What was that that was a mouthful letters right there

diction and rehabilitation, leading to an alcohol and drug free lifestyle. We offer residential treatment for outpatient treatment, counseling and more call one 808 67373 Remember that visit CC DLC To start your journey to recovery.

So if I understand this correctly, you're saying that what I'm listening to right now is the purple pants podcast. That's exciting. And so far it's for who? What should I expect? I don't know.

Why you better hurry right. Hello, hello, and welcome to the purple pants podcast episode 129. New error. The survivor news edition. I serve as your humble and Osho gracious host, Bryce, Isaiah.

Thank you for tuning Bryce. Isaiah. So I butchered his name sorry, Bryce. In

this week, Matt Nimoy had to take a break coming back from hearts reality and throwing the Bryce in when present.

One baby boy had to take a break. Who was baby boy? Okay.

Oh bolc In finale party, who it was a lot. I just want to give a huge shout out to all of the survivors that came out all of the friends and family that came out to watch this historic conclusion of this season.

of of what TV show. Did I miss that? Hold on? Let's go back

in when present Hoboken finale party who OCIO gracious host, Bryce, Isaiah. Thank you for tuning in this week, man and boy had to take a break coming back from hearts reality and throwing the brace in when present

hearts of reality and Bryson, when present bolc In

finale party who it was a lot, I just want to give a huge shout out to all of the survivors that came out all of the friends and family that came out to watch this historic conclusion of this season. I won't talk about it too much, because that's what the podcast is for. But I just wanted to make sure

Wait, that's what the podcast is for. Because you might have thrown that in the beginning. Hey, welcome to the purple pants podcast where we talk about some sort of TV show

that if you guys are not subscribed to the purple pants podcast, make sure you hit that subscribe button

because you've given me so much value right now that I'm dying to go hit the subscribe button.

Well podcast, Spotify podcast, wherever it is that you get your podcasts

people that is a horrible thing to say Listen to me. Apple and Spotify have horrible searches, send them to your website where you have Subscribe and follow buttons. It also reinforces your brand from

where there give you a baby boy from five stars and write a review on

Wait so as baby is he baby boy is he talking in third person. Remember Bob Dole he just died Bob Dole used to talk about Bob Dole doesn't think this and Bob Dole. Is he talking in third person that's obnoxious.

So you can follow along to this podcast on my YouTube page at Bryce. Isaiah. Go over there. Subscribe. Give the video a thumbs up. Listen, baby ball. He is still in recovery mode. Yeah,

so baby boys him. What? Okay,

listen on a hard reality. Right?

What is hearts of reality? Apparently a TV show.

And when present, and maybe boy had to work. I'm still trying to recover. But I was so excited to watch this conclusion of this episode. It was truly historic. I won't give any spoilers in the event that somebody that listener has a watch. But by now you should watch. But I'm excited to be joined this week by the baby boy Jack Atkins and Wendell Holland and we won't break it all down.

So we're gonna have guests on here as well, because we're three minutes in I still have no idea what he's talking about.

Listen, I won't say too much more or less get this menu

started. Yeah. I thought the first time you said that I thought he said it's a Man Goo. And I was like the he's a man goo. Because that's

great stone. Hello, and we are back. We are back this week when the SMI renews you have your bay B Bo toys.

I can't just I you know to be kind here, I'm not his target audience. I did go out and look as we're listening. And he's using Feedburner Feedburner was a bad idea in 2012 was a great idea in 2006. But 2012 It was a really bad idea. So I would almost bet the farm he's using anchor. And if we kept listening to baby boy and his two other guests, my guess is they're probably one microphone. Just not a great intro. And the other thing is your pre rolls, you're probably learning earning maybe a penny on those. So I hope you know you. I hope you making me listen to commercials about Neil sadaqa was worth a penny to you because I'm not coming back. I have a couple things here. Number one, explain what the show is for and who the whole like, hey, it's a show by Dave Jackson doesn't really make people want to click. So let us know what you're going to talk about. Like if this is a show about survivor, then a you might want to call it something because I'm sure if I said why is it called the purple pants podcast? You would explain it to me and I'd go Oh, but right now I thought it was a show about prints, and then explain who the show is for what it's about. And you know, if you want to do ads, that's fine. It's not a great first impression. And then the early days of when you're trying to grow your audience. You don't want any hurdles there. And and then, like you you had to guess you buried the lead. You could have said Hey, welcome to the purple pants cop podcast. And instead you talked about Hoboken and a bunch of other stuff that I had no idea but if you said hey, I got my friends Jeremy and slimy or whoever you know Bush, whatever Sharon Nancy, you're here and we're gonna break down the season finale of such and such Okay, but I, I didn't get it. The whole third person thing for me is, you know, on one hand, you're very unique. I'll give you that. I haven't heard somebody talk about themselves in a long time. And Dave Jackson thinks that's a little weird. When somebody you know, when Dave Jackson thinks about talking in third person, it makes my brain hurt just a little bit. So, if you would like to be featured right here, on the podcast radio show, it's super simple. All you got to do is go over to podcast radio show. And you can click on, there's a button right at the top that says get reviewed. And you can click there. And we have reviews starting at $25. For just the beginning of your show, if you want a full private review, that's $99. And if you want the full total deluxe package, that's me and myself, Eric Cay Johnston, and we go over your entire episode, we go over your entire website, we go over the goals of your show, and then we bring you on the show. So you basically get two consultants for the price of one. Check that out at podcast review I'm Dave Jackson from the School of I bring my podcast polish, and I try to buff out the boring of your show. Always remember, there's room for improvement. And we'll see you again real soon with another episode of the podcast radio show.