June 9, 2020

Finding Finish Lines

Comments on Finding Finish Lines?



Let's drop expectations, judgement, comparison, pretense, ego, and anything else that threatens to stand in our way as we chase our endurance goals. I'm Sally. I'm an unashamed middle-of-the-pack marathoner, triathlete, mom, wife, and friend trying to juggle all the good things. Hang around here long enough and I'll have you believing that you can do anything...and hitting that register button. Join us for full episodes on Mondays and a quick, powerful pep-talk on our Five-Minute-Friday episodes. See ya at the start line!




The audio was fine and you got right to the point. This podcast is geared toward female athletes. I'm not one of those so when you started off with "Have you ever felt like..." I hadn't. Later when you said, "When you feel like you're not in the groove cause you're setting a new pace" that again did not resonate. This doesn't mean its bad, it means I'm not your target audience. The audio sounded fine. You are reading as (and this sounds weird) and for me, it was too perfect. Your voice was full of inflection, but for me, I prefer the "dinner table test" which is to say you would sound the same at the dinner table as you do on the podcast. This wasn't a deal-breaker, but for me, I prefer people to talk to me than to read to me (unless its a news show). That again is an opinion from a middle-aged white dude. I'm not sure if I was reviewing this (with my reviewer hat on) I would notice that.

The other thing you did slightly is you started to tell a story about how you feel waiting for the GPS to kick in. Go deeper with the vulnerability and tell your audience about a time when you felt you couldn't do something and then did it. Your audience will mirror your ability to be vulnerable. If you want them to share, then you need to be the example (plus they then get to know you a bit).

So the show seems fine, but for me, it just didn't resonate (and that may very well be because I'm not a female athlete). As I don't find that advice helpful, I made a bonus video for you at https://www.bonjoro.com/r/5f4a2b10-036a-4817-b266-0f71cd734518 where I noticed you make it somewhat harder than it needs to be to subscribe to your show.

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