Sept. 25, 2018

Live Life Creative

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Have you hit a brick wall in your creative life? Writers get blocked, photographers get shuttered, podcasters get muted (mentally, that is). Whatever your creative pursuit is, sometimes you get to the point where moving forward or creating your next big thing seems impossible. On the Live Life Creative Podcast, join me, Dylan, in conversations with both well-known creators and local creatives just like yourself as we talk about their journey in creativity, some of their biggest challenges, and how they overcame those challenges. You’ll come out the other side inspired and equipped to break through your personal brick wall and ready to create your best work.



I loved the way this show started. The quick clip, the quick introduction, and then face first into the interview. That was 100% awesome, and well done. You then asked your guest 1 question (what did you do before podcasting) and he gave you his life story. The answer is "I was trying to be a professional drummer. Then he gave you his life getting into podcast, but you didn't ask him for that. Then later he gets into how he updated his twitter profile. Does knowing he changes his twitter profile really help me as a creative? I know your quest and I'm sure he brought value (as I like Aaron) but I kind of feel like you let your guest run away with the interview.

With that said, the podcast rodeo show is a different listening experience for me. I'm not listening like a normal listener. I'm listening to every little detail, pacing, audio quality, etc and I believe this makes me more critical than when I'm "just listening for fun." So this show started great, and if I was "just listening" and note reviewing I probably wouldn't have noticed that your guest gave a very long answer to your opening question. You did try to pull him back to your creative audience on question two and that was good. For only having a few episodes under your belt, I thought this was good, and I may actually listen to the rest of this episode as I'm your target audience.

Comments on Live Life Creative?


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