Oct. 16, 2018

The Ace Report

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Description No one needs to feel alone in their transition from military life to civilian life. Many of us struggle with similar problems and go through the same things. Just because we don’t wear the uniform anymore, it doesn’t mean we don’t have each other’s backs

Website http://www.theacereportpodcast.com/

Opinion I liked how the episode started (although for me, you could use some bass in your intro) but you did GREAT explaining what the show was about, getting to you, and then you did a very brief introduction of Danny saying he did a podcast and the name of the podcast. That's who he is (which later then repeated) Why are YOU - HOWARD excited to have Danny on. You know your audience, tell us the stuff that we need to know. Our guest today has a podcast, he speaks all over the world, and I'm bringing him on today to talk (TOPIC) please welcome Danny. Then instead of "tell me about yourself" (which your guest has no idea where to start) give them a question that immediately gets them going in the direction you want the interview to go. Maybe "When did you know you were going to join the military" or something military related. 

I don't care where he came from or his wife and kids at the beginning of the interview (I might at the end - maybe). Get to something that is going to grab your audience and start to pull them in. You can ask these questions to warm your guest up (and then cut them out) You can have it be "Danny thanks for coming on the show and go right to question three "Did you always know you were going to join the military?" 

I love your topic cause it is really needed right now (you might reach to Ron Kerns at http://livingthevetlife.com for networking opportunities)

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