Oct. 6, 2021

The Decision Reel

The Decision Reel has a nice website, and decent artwork, but their description needs some work:

Join George, Brent and Steve, 3 guys who love to talk, as they discuss random movies with special guests from time to time, and touch on topics that have no place in a movie review! New Episode every Tuesday at Noon et.


You give me the name of the show, but no idea what the show or the episode is about. Three minutes in, I've heard about someone's weekend but had a clue of what I've listened to. You played a bunch of clips from??? I have no idea. Lots of fun WOOOSHES.

You then let me listen to some illegal music and then went into a bunch of inside jokes, and insights into things I don't care about.

You've completely forgotten that NEW people are listening. When you say, "Everybody is here" I have no idea who "everybody" is (or what the show or episode is). You even say "Brian hated this movie." What movie? Then you lead off with an apology. I don't care about your drinking or TV habits.

I just felt that due to the disorganization, and the fact that I was lost, I hit stop.

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