March 24, 2021



Description The host, Rob Lewis, a home cook talks about recipes, inspirations, ingredients and the challenges of cooking different cuisines. Each week features a guest cook who will share stories about their best dishes and cooking tips for listeners who want to learn about different cultures.


Your intro sounds like was started in the middle of a song. Your microphone sounds like you're in the bathroom (very boomy) and you didn't introduce the show. Speaking of that the tagline in Appel does not match the tagline (gray text on a great background) on your website.

I liked that you got right to the recipe, but I didn't quite follow the creation of the recipe. I'm not sure if this is a "how-to" if so you are missing a HUGE opportunity by not putting the recipe on your website. You might tell people, "to make this recipe you will need..." I'm not sure I follow what the purpose of the show is.

I didn't hear any real tips. I'm not sure what the takeaway was after listening for five minutes. Your guest has (to me) an annoying vocal tick where she ends sentences in a way that makes it sound like it's a question. That got on my nerves.

You spoke about her awesome pictures. This is audio, we can't see them.

I liked that you got right to the recipe, I would look at the purpose of the show, and come up with a bit more structure. I enjoyed that this was a conversation, but it might've been a little too free-flowing. I didn't get the joke later that she had a sourdough maker with a name. (Must be a chef thing).

For me, I would work on your mic technique, and try to get rid of some of that boomy room noise. I would come up with better episode titles (that's huge). Have your guest have microphones (they are not a large expense) and make sure to not use the laptop microphone. There is too much competition and people won't listen to bad audio. So fic the intro, the audio sound, and add some structure so I know where I'm going, and keep the great conversation.

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