Jan. 1, 2019

A Dark and Stormy Book Club

Comments on It Was A Dark and Stormy Book Club?



A podcast/book club for mystery lovers. We will focus on mystery authors who are not your typical household names. We are always looking for a new favorite author. The podcast can be listened to at your own pace.




I like that you let about the podcast, and who its for. Before you got into what the episode was about you got into talking about your day and your travels. This isn't a travel show, it's a book club. Then when we learned about the little town, and I really expected you to say SOMETHING about the book, or book related, and instead you started to talk about the butcher.

When you combine this with some very strange recording issue. Your voices sound almost robotic. This makes me believe that maybe you have a phase problem when you record and you are getting too much cross-talk across your recording. I can't diagnose that without hearing how you record, but there is something weird going on.

I was glad to see you bought a domain and pointed it at your spreaker site.

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