July 12, 2017

Alien Familiar RPG Podcast

On their website (www.alienfamiliar.com), it states, "A podcast about tabletop roleplaying games" which makes more sense than the one in iTunes. 

They put up an episode about Star Wars that makes you feel like you walked into the middle of a really bad movie. 

I don't normally do this but as the description said this was an old episode, I listened to the episode before it. It still had audio issues (this sounds like a bunch of friends having fun, and if that is the goal, then go have fun, and feel free to flip me off). The birds in the back were a little distracting, and it would be nice if everyone had a microphone, but you do what you can with what you got. 

I'm not sure why they released such a poor example of their show. A bit mind-boggling. 

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