April 12, 2022

Altered Stories Show


Podcast Rodeo Show: Reviews and First Impressions of Your Podcast was started by Mischelle Saunders-Gottsch, CEO/ Founder of Altered Stories Ministry (www.alteredstories.org). This podcast exists to help women share their transformational redemptive God stories so women across the world can hear them.

The evangelistic commission of the podcast aligns with scripture, Luke 8:39 (NIV) “Return home and tell how much God has done for you. So the man went away and told all over town how much Jesus had done for his life.”

What I Liked About This Episode

Adding the scripture reference helps explain the motivation behind the show.

What I Thought Could Use Some Polishing

The Intro

The intro doesn't explain what the show is. It says the title and says the host's name. I would suggest Welcome to the Altered stories show where (tell God Stories?) for (target audience) so that they can (result of listening).

The Audio Quality

This audio quality is not up to speed with other podcasts. This does not mean you need to spend thousands on equipment. I recommend the Samson Q2U and keep it about three finger-widths away from your mouth. I would also use Squadcast to record your interviews or make sure your guest has decent quality. Your guest's quality was so bad I had a hard time understanding her. It is YOUR responsibility to make sure the guest sounds good on YOUR show. The whole, "It sounds good by the time it gets to God's ears" does not cut it here.

Who is Your Audience?

You mentioned some Christian app. Is the goal to pump up Christians or inspire the unchurched?

Your Descriptoin

Make it more about your audience and less about you. Remove the word "podcast".

Your Guest Introduction

Only include the details that pertain to today's story. We don't need her whole back story if it's not relevant.


Any "how the sausage is made" content should be moved toward the end where the "Super listeners" are still listening.

Your Website

It needs work. It, it just needs work.

Action Items

I recommend www.trypodpage.com and www.learnpodpage.com for your website.

I recommend the Samson Q2U and a windscreen for your audio issues and Squadcast for recording. Here is a free webinar on Podcast Equipment.

The Goal Of This Show

This show aims to help you make the best episodes and grow your downloads. If you'd like a deeper dive here are some additional services

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