June 29, 2017

Armed Lutheran Radio

Exploring the intersection of faith in Christ with our Second Amendment rights. Offering commentary, news, and reviews. Featuring weekly tips from trainers, master class shooters, and outdoorsmen (and women) plus interviews with Lutheran clergy and other pro-gun voices.

Check them out at http://www.armedlutheran.us/


I loved the intro and the tone it set. The audio quality was good. I would shorten up some of the musi transitions, and you have somewhat of a double introduction (law, gospel, and Guns, as well as Faith, Firearms, and Freedom). 

I thought the advertisement was very well done, but I wasn't sure if the NRA spot was the best call (unless this is kind of a "Pledge of Allegiance" kind of situation - I am not a gun person (neither pro or con). I guess you had me excited about the coming content, and I wasn't aware when it was showing up. 

I thought the story of being at the event was a nice way of showing you are the real deal without being overly bragging. 

In the end, I was waiting for the meat and potatoes, and it may be that I was getting them, and didn't know it. 

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