Sept. 16, 2020

Armed Society, Polite Society

Comments on Armed Society, Polite Society?



A disguised armed criminal walked into a packed north Texas church hoping to unload his cowardice on dozens of unarmed, innocent people, Jack Wilson, had other plans.



I like that there is a disclaimer at the start of the show. You start off explaining the church shooting. There is a lot of what I call "icing." This is mood music, sound effects, etc. I started to get bored when you went deep into the different people of the church, and mentioned the church shooting three or four times. I was waiting for the shooting. I don't believe we need the backstory. It seemed to drag the story on a bit. Eight minutes in you mention that one of the attendees has a gun. I would start the story there. We understand that people that die in shootings are brothers ,sisters, aunts, uncles, mothers and fathers, etc.

I would turn off the music and sound effects and just listen to the story raw and ask, "does this hold my attention." Often with heavily produced content we get too wrapped up in the production and not in the content. If you need the production to make the content interesting, then the content is boring.

Also, you only have Apple Podcasts listed on your website. 70% of europe uses Android, and a fair amount of people in the US. You're missing out on that audience.

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