Oct. 10, 2017

Authentic Moments

Show Description:

Do you get triggered by your kids behavior? Are you feeling stressed out, overwhelmed and less patient? Do you want your kids to listen? Do you want to parent differently than your parents? To be a great parent we need to work on ourselves. Parenting our children is a great opportunity for self-development. On this show, we talk about ideas and strategies for helping you to increase self-awareness, become more mindful, be trauma-informed and find authenticity, happiness and become calmer

Website: http://www.authenticparenting.com

Episode: http://authenticparenting.com/childhood-trauma-reclaiming-authentic-self


The show starts off with a somewhat "woo-woo" clip of some guy talking about a granite door in my chest that leads to an ocean. Um, OK. Then the show kicks in, and does a nice job of describing the show, the host enters and provides a nice table of contents for the episode. 

There is a bit of self-promotion but its so fast, it's not a problem. you asked you geust about his kids which gives him validity for your show. But the next question didn't lead to much besides, "Nobody knows there is sooo much trauma," and it could be his delivery, but it didn't reach out and grab me. I get the feeling that if I listened to the rest of this interview that the guest is not a fan of short answers. I'm not sure, but he wasn't delivering anything to sink my teeth into. I thought it was weird that he referred to people age 25 as kids. 

There was one point where the host mentions something "obviously" and to new people, it wasn't obvious (at least not me). 

All in all the show had a decent first impression. The audio quality was fine, and the website made it super easy to press play

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