Oct. 28, 2018

Authentic Parenting

Comments on Authentic Parenting?



Authentic Parenting is a show where we share ideas and strategies for personal growth in the practice of parenting. As we raise our children, we grow ourselves. We talk about the importance of being trauma-informed, making sense of our stories, breaking free from our patterns and triggers, finding our authentic voice in parenting, living our truth, befriending our emotions, managing stress, cultivating self-compassion, and mindfulness. It is by gaining deeper self- knowledge, raising our self-awareness, elevating our consciousness, getting closer to our authentic self that we support our children on that very same process of self-discovery. New episodes air every Thursday.




I enjoyed your introduction and your audio quality. Your show description is super detailed, the introduction of your show is super detailed, your introduction of yourself was detailed (but not the point of extreme), but then when you went to introduce your guest, instead of pulling out the parts that would be important to your listeners, you read a very detailed  resume of your guest. Then when I finally think you're going to get to the guest, you start reading (what I'm going to assume was a long) listener message. While listener messages are important, in my opinion, I would put them after the interview as you've made your listeners wait a long time just to get to the interview.

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