April 23, 2019

Bandrew Says




Bandrew Scott every Sunday evening as he discusses the latest technology, social media, and YouTube news to determine how it affects you as a content creator. Additionally, Bandrew shares insights into creating content for the Podcastage YouTube Channel which has over 100,000 subscribers and 19 million views


www.bandrwewsays.com ( Episode 164)


Full disclosure this it not the first time I've heard this show. I am actually subscribed to the show. It has a great first impression as he gives you a nice table of contents, and gets to the stories. When the story is done, he moves on. I LOVE the SNARK, and he makes some REALLY good points (especially on the Alex Jones story - while avoiding being political). He breaks complex stories down to bite-sized chunks ( I loved his episode on Article 11, or 17, or whatever nonsense is going on in the UK). If you have a "News" playlist, this is definitely worth adding.

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